RULE 10—COMMITTEES (ARTA Standing Rules July 1, 2023)

10.1 Types

Committees shall be of two (2) types: standing and special.
10.1.1 Standing committees
TRTA-required standing committees shall be Communications, Legislative, Member Benefits, Membership, Retirement Education, and Volunteer Services. Additional ARTA standing committees shall be: Archives, Audit, Budget, Courtesy, Health and Safety, Identification, Nominating, Program, Records, Social, Standing Rules, Technology, and Yearbook.

10.1.2 Special committees
The President shall establish special committees with approval of the Executive Board as necessary for a temporary period of time.

10.2 Chairs
The chairs of all committees shall be members of ARTA and shall be appointed by the president with approval of the Executive Board.

The committees shall perform their responsibilities as defined in these Standing Rules, in addition to other responsibilities assigned by the President or the Executive Board.

You can help make a difference by volunteering for one of the committees listed below.



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